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Our Padre / Chaplain

Revd. Paul is our Chaplain and has worked with the Armed Forces and Veterans over many years.


He comes from a family with strong connections with all the services including grandparents who served in both WW1 and WW2 including a D Day Veteran, Great Uncles and Aunts who served during World War Two, Uncles who served in the Royal Navy and Royal Engineers for twenty-five plus years and a cousin who served in the Household Division. 


Many friends who served our Country during National Services and Two of his friends also served in the Falklands and more recently Afghanistan.

Paul trained as a nurse during the 1980s in Essex and after leaving the NHS in 1997 he became a retail manager and a pastor of a community church.


He has been an ordained independent minister for 18 years and for the past twelve has been conducting many funerals for Veterans and those who continue to serve in the Armed Forces.

He has been a standard bearer for the Royal British Legion in the past and retains strong links with many ex-service organisations and regimental associations.

He is also a fully trained bereavement counsellor and for the past 8 years has been overseeing the running of the Veterans Bereavement Support UK in the UK which is a community organisation run by volunteers.

As an independent and inclusive minister, he reaches out to all faiths and to those whose faiths are known to them alone. He believes strongly in ensuring that Veterans have fitting funerals both in content and that their service is recognised in ceremonial aspects as well. Whether religious or non-religious he is always willing to conduct services.

He brings experience of the Services, Ceremonial aspects, veterans funerals etiquette and content, event management and extensive bereavement counselling and support.

He is also a Member of the RAF Association , Royal Naval Association,Royal Marines Association, Royal British Legion and links to many regimental associations.

On Friday 3rd June 2022 Paul was made a Platinum Jubilee Champion and award the status for his work with Veterans and their families as well as serving members of the Armed Forces and has been presented a certificate of gratitude by HRH The Duchess of Cornwall.


4th October at Swindon

Apologies for the delay in responding to your letter.  It was so heartwarming to read and it helped both Colby and I to feel proud of what we had planned for Marcus’ send off.

We wanted to thank you for the way you supported us as a family. The gentle touches of your hand for support meant so much and did give me strength. 


The one to one looks which didn’t require words they were support enough. I, and I know Colby also, couldn’t have wished for a more personal person to oversee the service.

We continue to support each other but for me it is getting harder to face each day without Marcus. I cannot believe that Marcus is no longer with me in person, the pain is indescribable. I take each day slowly and have Woody to hug.

Thank you again for all of your support.

Kindest regards
Wendy S

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