Funeral Advice

When someone passes away, we are faced with many different challenges from the time of passing until after the Funeral has taken place and beyond. You will be asked to make a choice between Religious, Non-Religious or a mix of the two for the actual service and our funeral adviser can provide guidance on this and the various options that are available, so that when you go and make arrangements for the funeral, you will have a clear idea on what you would like to happen and the style of funeral services that suits to act as a memorial for your loved one.


We can also advise on:

• Choices of music

• Religious, Non-Religious or a mix of service

• Access local celebrants direct

• Where to access affordable printed order of services

There are now many other options available for the location of the service itself from the more traditional styles to something unique and unusual.



A Church of England funeral service conjures images of a church, suitably attired mourners, hymns, eulogy, and committal before interment in the churchyard or the family driven with the coffin to a crematorium. It’s a reassuring ritual that has changed little over the centuries. Much the same can be said for the Catholic ceremony, too.


The growing trend is to have the funeral service conducted in the chapel of the crematorium and this can be conducted by a minister or a celebrant, dependent on the wishes of the family and the style of service required. At the chapel there is usually a music system so that any music can be included within the service and many people use more uplifting music that reflects the deceased’s life rather than more mournful music. These services tend to be a service of celebration and thanksgiving for the life of someone special rather than a funeral service in the traditional style. If you have family living abroad it is now possible for live links to be provided for the service so that they can be part of this, albeit from a distance. Some Crematoriums only allow for 30-minute slots and others allow for longer times, if you are expecting large numbers of mourners, it would be mindful to ask the funeral director to book a double service slot, to avoid a rushed service or delaying other services.


The dramatic rise of environmental awareness over the past few decades has led to the rise in interest in eco-friendly funerals. With emission and phosphate concerns over cremation and the fact that cemeteries are fast running out of space, consideration is being given to woodland and meadow burials. You can have your choice of service and music at these funerals and most locations now have rooms that are perfect for the service to take place before the committal in the woodlands and afterwards many can host refreshments.


There are around 50 burials at sea each year, and it’s not something that the authorities encourage. However, you have a right to have your remains buried at sea. There are three points off the English coast; the East Sussex coast, west of the Isle of Wight and Tynemouth in the north-east. Scotland has two areas off the west coast. So, if you’re prepared to adhere to some stringent government rules concerning burial at sea, then loved ones who had seafaring connections during their lives and wish for a watery grave can have that wish fulfilled.


There is nothing stopping you holding a funeral service in any venue of your choice, whether in your own home, to a village hall or a venue that is special to you and your loved one. The service is these locations can be conducted by a celebrant or even members of your family to make it special.

 Our Funeral Advice Team will be happy to advise you on the best options.