We have created a dedicated Pre-paid funeral plan in association with Silver Clouds Later Life Funeral Planning which has strong connections with Armed Forces Veterans. Silver Clouds  provide a facility for Servicemen, Ex-Servicemen and Women and their families, that in recognition of their service to our country we have a designated high quality discounted Special Armed Forces Funeral Plan.

The Veterans Plan is fully inclusive of the 3rd party fees associated with a funeral and we include the ceremonial elements within the plan including advice for the family on the ceremonial aspects of a veterans funeral.

We also ensure that the family receive a Veterans Memorial Pin and Citation after the passing as a record of their service and as a mark of long term remembrance.

The Veterans Plan includes the following:

  • Funeral Director's Professional Services and Advice 
  • 24 Hour help line
  • Home Visits 
  • Care of the Deceased*
  • Care of the Deceased in Funeral Home 
  • Standard Dignified Coffin 
  • Viewing in the Chapel of Rest Funeral 
  • Procession from Home or Funeral Home to the Crematorium 
  • Funeral Procession from Home to the Church Service 
  • Funeral Directors Attendance 
  • Hearse and 4 Bearers 
  • Minister or Celebrant Fees 
  • Cremation Fees 
  • Return of Cremated Remains 
  • A dedicated online memorial page including online donations 
  • Ceremonial Aspects of a military funeral (Optional)
If you would like the information pack and forms please email us
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  • Name
  • Address
  • Postcode