Flags as drapes on Veteran's coffins

We can provide free of charge*  full size flags ( 8ft x 5ft) as Coffin Drapes (Palls) for the funeral of any Veteran of the Armed Service.  We hold drapes for the Royal Air Force,  Royal Navy. Merchant Navy and the Union Flag for other services.  It is also possible for us to source regimental drapes with sufficient notice from suppliers or from the regimental associations.

This year we contacted the Secretary of State for Defence regarding the protocols for the use of service ensigns and flags for funerals and his office and the Ministry of Defence were able to confirm that for a serving member of the Armed Forces the coffin is draped in the Union Flag.  They also confirmed that when a Veteran passes away they are entitled and allowed to have the ensign of the service that they served in, draped on their coffin as a mark of honour and respect.

This advice is the facts and overrides any information that families may be given by service associations or funeral directors.

If you would like to borrow one of the coffin drapes for your loved one's funeral, we are happy to supply these and send to either yourself or the funeral director and to be returned to us the day following the funeral.

* Whilst we do not charge for the use of the drapes, a donation towards postage and packaging would be much appreciated.